Our Favorite Arm Tattoos

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Our favorite arm tattoos

Today a cool way of showing off your personality or sentimentality is to have tattoos. The final decision of what to have is challenging even though if you already have an idea of what you want. After all, it will stay forever. Also, a person's arm spends almost half a year on display, so it will get noticed. If you do them right they look seriously cool. So this is a guide filled with inspiration and advice to help you out in choosing your arm tattoo.

Upper arm tattoos

Upper arm tattoo is the best bet if you want something that can be hidden. In this way, when you wear a t-shirt most of the tattoo would be covered. The unique rounded shape can look cool if your upper arm tattoo starts at your shoulder. The upper arm is a pretty big space to work on so it can cater for amazing designs.

simple tattoo

Simple upper arm tattoos

Minimal detail is becoming favored in the tattoo world these days. Simple upper arm tattoos are a good go-to but you can’t go wrong with a simple design. They are the easiest to cover over and still look cool when they are on display.

detailed tattoo

Detailed upper arm tattoo

Detailed upper arm tattoos depending on the size, usually take a few sessions. There are so many different designs you can choose from, but no matter what your choice is, they’ll all look pretty decent. We guarantee it’ll look good.

delicate tattoo

Delicate upper arm tattoo

Who says that men can’t get delicate tattoos. Though they do remain pretty detailed and masculine, they always have a beautiful quality to them. You can get whatever you want, a rose isn’t the only acceptable flower for a man.

Inner arm tattoos

You can't go wrong in your decision of getting an upper inner arm or lower inner arm tattoo. With a bit of ink done, both areas look decent. The placement of the tattoo depends on your choice whether you want your tattoo to be on display more often than not. the lower arm is harder to cover in the warmer months. So the best way is that you choose the tattoo first and your placement second. Depending on what design you want to get, upper or lower could work better than the other.

full arm tattoo

Detailed inner arm tattoos

If you are looking to fit a detailed tattoo forearm is a great spot as it is quite long. For instance, it works amazing if you want to get something similar to the image we’ve chosen.

sentimental tattoo

Sentimental inner arm tattoos

If you are going for an image or a few words the perfect fitting for it would be the inner arm. As it'll look great and would fit nicely. you can’t go wrong with this placement if you’re planning to get a sentimental tattoo.

texural tattoo

Textural inner arm tattoos

Textural tattoos require a lot of lines and dots so they usually take a fair amount of time. It is better to choose a spot like an inner arm that is more pain-tolerant as these are pretty painful.

Full arm tattoos

If you stick to a theme or a single design that stretches down the length of the arm full arm tattoos look cool. Put some thought into what you think you might want to get and go ahead with that idea, don't just opt for stickers that you can keep adding to. if you’re looking to get your full arm tattooed or a large portion of it, get your design selected first.

colorful tattoo

Full arm colorful tattoo

Colorful full arm tattoos are sure to be noticed and make quite a bit of a statement. Usually, you choose to color your design only if it is pretty detailed. It makes your tattoo look more three-dimensional pop out a little bit more.

fantacy tattoo

Folk tale full arm tattoos

Folktale tattoos are mostly interesting, they have a bit traditional tint too. All seem to link to old tales whether it's a ship on a rocky ocean, or as simple as a shining lighthouse or a siren mermaid or as distinguishable as the Kraken.

skull tattoo

Full arm skull tattoo

Skull arm tattoo always look better when they’re either featured in a sleeve or when they cover over the full arm, adding much more detail than just the skull and making it pop out. Skull arm tattoos come in all different designs.

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